How To Setup Your Bigpond On Your Macbook?

Bigpond is commonly known as Telstra product being a versatile application Bigpond always in the fame of the most used email service. It supports both Apple and window devices, it is best suitable for those who live a virtual life or always busy in their work. This is a great mean to share and communicate, you can trust this service to share your confidential messages as it is secured and safe.

Undoubtedly, Bigpond is an email service which contributes a huge amount to the world through its services. It is the best email service available which acquire a good place in the market. You can use its feature to experience the optimum emailing. But this email services also provide some glitches to its user; if you are trouble with any please contact us at Bigpond Technical Support our squad is available to solve every hidden snag in your device.

To Set Up Your Bigpond Account On Macbook, Follow These Below Steps:

1. Follow on-screen credentials: Take your all credentials out to fill the details in order to complete the Bigpond formality login list. Make sure to enter correct details Mac quickly identify the error, therefore, be careful.

2. Locate the Apple Mail: Navigate to the Mail at the bottom of your screen with other applications and click on it to access the Mail application.

3. Add your Bigpond account: On the Apple Mail select preferences button and click on the accounts which are previously appended. Now, press the + icon button to add your Bigpond account.

4. Enter your credentials: First, sign in with your username and password to ensure your credentials are original and appropriate.

Contact Bigpond Support To Eliminate All Email Issues

In adhering the above process you encounter with an issue, don’t hesitate to contact us at Bigpond Support number 1800-958-218. Our experts will be able to sort out any issue that you might have encountered through the extent of the above steps. Also, they can provide you the solutions for other issues as well.